Pallet Truck PTW Type 1

for Heavy Load up to 60 tons and more

 Pallet Trucks PTW type 1 are used for transport of heavy goods of any kind on pallets. These pallets usually are customer-specific special constructions with suitable fasteners for fixing of the goods onto the pallets. The weight of these goods may reach up to 60 tons, in case of special versions of the pallet trucks PTW even much more. Pallet Trucks PTW type 1 are universally usable and are to be found acting within nearly any sector or industry.    

The Pallet Truck PTW type 1 consists of a drive unit and a load pick up fix connected to the drive unit. The frame of the drive unit and the load pick up do build a common cart chassis.

Within the area of the drive unit there is the drive with the steering- and drive wheel as well as the complete hydraulics and electrics / control of the Pallet Truck PTW. This cart is driven by 48 V forklift truck batteries.

The load pick up is adopted to the customer-specific demand. Length, width and height of the carrying forks as well as their hydraulically operated lifting stroke are designed suitable to the pallets to be transported. 

The operator usually walks behind the cart and steers it via the handle. The steering function is supported by hydraulics. The velocity is stepless controllable by the throttle switch at the handle. 

Pallet Trucks PTW type 1 optionally can be equipped with a radio control system. This enables the operator to choose the position with best possible overview to manoeuvre the Pallet Truck PTW type 1.

Optionally for the Pallet Truck PTW type 1 there also a riding platform for the operator is available, on which the operator can stand during driving.

You wish to transport inhouse heavy goods on standard or special pallets, also with bulky dimensions? Then we should talk about the advantages of using the Pallet Truck PTW type 1. Please inform us about weight and dimensions of your transport goods and the expected transport conditions. We are prepared to provide you with a transport solution designed specially for your need. 

If you will have questions regarding our Pallet Truck PTW type 1, we will be at your disposal at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:  


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